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Completly homemade .22cal pistol.

This is a completely homemade, .22cal., single-shot, open-bolt, blow-back action.  Everything is scratch built with the exception of the barrel which is donered from a piece of a 10/22 barrel I believe.  This pistol was built by a member of "the homegunsmith forums" called "Ossi" and is very similar to a .22short pistol I almost have completed.

Believer it or not this pistol was built using hacksaws and files and of course the Ruger 10/22 donner barrel.


Wow, nice work, especially with the choice of tools you used Wink


Yes it is a nice pistol considering the limited tools used, however, I can't take the credit for the build.  It was built by a member of named OSSI.
   I am currentally working on a single-shot, .22 short, open-bolt, blow-back action, piston.  It will use the mianspring guide rod as the ejector.  I will be posting lots of pictures, a build thread, a video, and I will also post up pictures of the shot grouping in the target sheets from accuracy testings.  These single-shot, open-bolt, blow-back pistols are basically based on the same principal of simple tube guns, muins the magazines.

Bye, for now.
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